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Title : Shrek La Shrek

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Just. Listen.  [x]

i went into this expecting to not be disaponted and i was right.



17,000 dollars could have provided funding for starfleet


» insp.

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Is that a dishwasher?

no, that’s just an xbox one. it just looks a bit funny. must be customized…


the So, I want to know where all of you, fellow hetalians are in this big world!
Hetalians, please reblog this add the name of city/town and country you're from!
Okay, I'll start:
bokuranomahou: Jakarta, Indonesia
melonflavour: Wellington, New Zealand! C:
kuurei: Ilocos Norte, Philippines <3 <3 <3
choco-java: Nueva Ecija, Philippines~
Iwiwiwi: Las Piñas, Philippines
shiya-la-puta: Muntinlupa, Philippines
mystic-miss-bliss: Marikina, Philippines
askaphjapan: California, USA
ancient-britannia: Virginia, USA
ask-teen-arthur: Wiltshire, England [ Lucky me =_= ]
alltheatoms: New Jersey, USA [ang daming pinoy aaaaah *A*]
gogetmepasta: Wisconsin, USA
scoone: Pennsylvania, USA
owyn-sama: Louisiana, USA
britishspykirkland: Cebu, Philippines
sadisticbrit: Hampshire, England
tori-the-awesome: Chicago, Illinois! <3
ask-2pspooky: Texas, USA
ask-2p-fem-england: North Carolina, USA
askthe2pamericanfuckers: Michigan, USA
askadult2psealand : Chicago, IL USA
ask-that-2p-switzerland: Minnesota, USA
ask-republic-of-newfoundland: Newfoundland, Canada (That's right! Representin' the homeland! Woo! |,,|, >3< ,|,,| )
ask-me-hetalia: Georgia, United States of America
angel-russia: Georgia, United States of America
manry-and-kawaii-as-hell: Quezon City, Philippines
prince-of-passion: Georgia, United States of America
arm-of-prussia: Georgia, United States of America
ask-2p-latvia: Lubelskie, Poland
ask-norway-2p: North Carolina, USA
asktino2p/askdanmark2p/askhungary1p2p andmore: Bag/Hévízgyörk, Hungary (ask hungarian stuffs on my hungary-blog yey)
asknorge: Québec, Canada
let-them-eat-scones: LOONDOON, ENGRAND.
thecanadianidiot: Ontario/Québec, Canada
nightbloggerengland: Ohio, United States of America
scannisafanthing: Singapore, Singapore
dubtalia: New Jersey, USA
spamano-under-my-bed: New York, USA
kirklands-fabulous-ass: Missouri, USA
allistorscottiekirkland, Scotland,UK
russiansunflowerr: Colorado, USA
Smokinhotscots/asian-commie-crew: New York and PA, USA
burgers-and-fries-nation: Texas, USA
askthecountriesandhumans: Maine, USA
beta-to-a-tea: Idaho, USA (yippe.......sometimes i wonder if people in our own country know this state exists....)
roses-wine-and-pheromones: Texas, USA
askcosplay2pcanada: Ontario, Canada
askfemitalyfeli: North Carolina USA
Askfepunkengland: Cornwall, England.
ask-cosplay-matthewwilliams: Idaho, USA
askrlamerica: Iowa, USA
englanddcosplayaskblog: Kinsley, England
evil-duck-of-doom: Central London & Tunbridge Wells, England
ne-ne-suck-my-pasta: Valparaíso, Chile~ [Latinoamerica presente~! ( / ´ v `)/]
thegardenfairy: Manchester, England c:
ashenblitz: Nevada, USA
kurondo: Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic(Ahaha...Im lonely. ;-;)
HetaGarnet: Hell, Michigan, USA
bootslots: the greater Chicago area, Illinois, USA
pachiraisu: Arkansas, USA
sjham16: MI, USA
unintentionalsarcasm: Hollister, CA, USA
antonio-dat-ass-carriedo: Sussex, NB, Canada
spamanobutts: California, USA
rainbrowpasta: Louisiana, USA
hetavicky: BsAs, Argentina.
hetalianforever: Washington, USA
himaruyeah: Nevada, USA
iamfrancedealwithit: Wisconsin, USA
drop-it-like-its-doitsu: Wisconsin, USA
galythia: Tokyo, Japan (next year back to Massachusetts, USA)
yannychigi: Cebu, Philippines
artiesmartiepants: Kentucky, USA
severely-lacks-creativity: North Carolina, USA
sassy-gay-jello: California, USA
mad-hatter-france: Michigan, USA
ask-deutschland: Hertfordshire, UK
eiffeltowerupyourass: Waxhaw/Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
hetaliaturkeycosplay: Winnie, Texas, USA
awesomebirdsandscarypipes also tipsybigben: Indiana, USA
Ask-Aph-Italy: South Yorkshire, England
ask--cosplay--prussia: West Yorkshire, England
askthekolmaster: Oberndorf, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
asksweetolivia: Dowagiac, Michigan, USA
ask-android-russia: New Jersey, USA
sprashivat-rossiya: St.Louis, MO
ask-alfred-the-sweet-stuff: Gold Coast, Australia [ forever alone ]
ask-rose-kirkland: New Hampshire, USA
ask-nyo-china-aru: Ohio, USA
ask-pub-owner-arthur: Northamptonshire, England/Aberystwyth, Wales (When I am at uni XD)
historyofhetalia: South Bend, IN (dying cities ftw)
doitsus-dandylions: Cavite, Philippines
hetalia-tendencies: California, USA
switzerlandsbutt: Tallinn , Estonia
nyotalian: Ålesund, Norway
the-beautiful-world: New York, USA
dirtybaguette: Rzeszów, Poland
weretheboys: Pennsylvania, USA
preussenundone: Las Pinas Philippines
tragicfrenchintimacy: Las Pinas Philippines
just-someone-who: pori, Finland
Doitsu-the-shizzle: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
gigglingartist: Florida, USA
theadventuresofananimefangirl: North Carolina, USA
roddy-edelstein: Missouri, USA
latvias-menstrual-cycle: California, USA
musicburgersandcaptainamerica: Chicago, Illinois, USA
askthatbrit: North Carolina, USA
ask-hungary-irl : Newport , Wales
Chun-yan-wang: Nanning, China
bellafeliciana: Wiesbaden, Germany OvO!
ask-irl-murica: Chicago, Illinois, USA
amazingmiss-america: Bremen, Indiana, USA
ask-martinacarriedokirkland: Ohio, USA
teatimewithjapan: North Carolina, USA
ask-irl-neko-kiku: North Carolina, USA
schtickyfriend: New Jersey, USA
bluewriters: London, England
dumbledorathexplora: London,England
unitednationsofhetalia: Florida, USA
france-is-a-flower: Florida, USA
llamachickenpie: Pennsylvania, USA
prussianmaple: Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico
dubtalia: New Jersey, USA
little-dirty-birdy-feet: Arizona, USA
the-box-of-tomatoes-fairy: California, USA
hetaliadoujinshi: Sacramento, California, USA
Ask-TheHero-CosplayAmerica: Pennsylvania, 'MURICA
ask-sane-belarus: Houston, Texas, USA
asknyosouthitalyok: Texas, USA yooo
ask-cosplaygreece: Utah, USA
viva-la-allies: Wisconsin, USA
kinkykirkland: Vermont, USA
lovinostomatobastard: New York, USA
spamanoh: Washington, USA
lovino: Florida, USA
aphgerriita: New York, USA
denmark-and-coffee: New Jersey, USA
chubishloop: Washington, USA
pendragonwho: California, USA (So many pinoys...hello~!)
pasta-lover-ve: Ventura County, California, USA
ask-the-cutie-Latvia: MN, USA
askthelittleitaliandevil: Florida, USA
ask-blood-soaked-pancakes: Minnesota, USA
hetaliacaliforniadelsur: San Diego, California, USA
Aurawesome: Guadalajara, Mexico
Jackce: San Luis Potosí, México
Ask-2p-sweden-kristoffer: Göteborg, SWEDEN
askthewafflequeen: Deerlijk, Belgium
ask-p2-lithunia and ask--nyo-hungary: Minnesota, USA
ask-mafia-lovi: Michigan, USA (FUCK YEAH BITCHES IN A BLIZZARD)
ask--nyolatvia: nOT LATVIA
ask-The Random Trio!: Milan, Italy uvu
aphsrbija: Pennsylvania, United States
aphherzegovina: west yorkshire, uk
ijustwannabeasidekick: Tennessee, USA
aphice: Kungsbacka, Sweden
katsura-akamitsu-of-hetalia : Oregon, USA
alfredo-kirkland: Oklahoma, United States
igirisue: Kentucky, United States
axispowersshella : Indiana, USA
ask-cosplayukraine-please: Grand Island, Nebraska, USA
dont-touch-my-pasta: Pennsylvania, USA
askfemnorthitaly: Arizona, USA
ask-p1-usa: California, USA
Aph-feliciano-vargas: Illinois, USA
fabulous-rivaille: Ottawa, Canada (Fuck yeah Canada)
aphchibiromano: Essex, England
shahlalalalala: Pune, India
felicianoz: Wexford, Ireland
sirgilbert: Hannover,Niedersachsen/Lower Saxony,Germany
laverrepixies: Iowa, USA
chrono-entia: Texas, USA!
welcometomytardisandhome: Texas, USA~

The trivia section of Captain America’s wiki has me in tears-



Super serious post about Steve and his extra capabilities—

  • Steve Rogers is shown to be worthy of carrying Mjolnir, is one of few people capable of accessing Iron Man’s armory, and is one of two foreigners entrusted with the Black Panther’s technology. Steve is also one of the very few people that Wolverine truly trusts.

And then-

  • Steve loves apple cake.


a stunning story

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#who is the man and who is the myth #we just don’t know

did he even have a script

The question is: does Robert Downey Jr play Tony Stark, or does Tony Stark play Robert Downey Jr?

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You know, the last time I was in Germany and saw a man standing above eveyrybody else, we ended up disagreeing.


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Actually, Makoto, they’re married.







AU The Fault In Our Stars where Hazel Grace succumbs to the cancer and dies and in the last scene all you see is Augustus standing out side with a cigarette between his lips and a hand slowly reaching up to light it.









are people tagging john green in this if he finds this i swear to God

❝ I just drew two gay guys and I have no inspiration.
Maybe if I draw two gay girls I have motivation. ❞
- Lastri 2014 (via kamex97) -


..not what I meant to do this evening but look I made a tutorial!

this kinda got out of hand but I was having fun shh

remember to experiment around, there are many different ways to do things! B) it’s up to you finding the one you like!

also gomen for crappy handwriting and some rushed drawings

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